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Rating: 5 Stars

Category: Apple

Title: Apple Watch SE


User's Notes:
The Apple Watch SE has been one of the best purchases I've ever made! All of the advanced, high-tech tracking features help me stay focused on achieving my fitness and wellness goals on a daily basis. I love that it also has a 20-second handwashing timer along with activity monitoring and goals for moving, exercising, and standing each day. I chose the Pink Sand color, since pink is my fave color, of course! ;) Best part ever? The mindful minutes feature! For all my fellow anxiety sufferers out there, you'll definitely appreciate this feature above all. It reminds you to take a step back during your busy days to just take a few deep breaths and really be more in tune with your body and mental health. There's even a little bubble that expands and contracts to help keep your breathing at a good, comfortable pace.