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Title: Plan Your Future | Memories


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Fabulous Memories

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Make some fabulous memories this Black Friday and those to come:<br /> <br /> Get together with some friends and make gifts instead of buying them. They will have more meaning. You can make body scrub, lip gloss or vanilla extract.<br /> Take a class you have always wanted to take. For me, it would be silversmithing and singing bowl meditation — I found both on Meetup.<br /> Sleep in and hit brunch and a matinee movie with some friends or a loved one.<br /> Indulge in some self-care today: a delightful bath, some quiet time, a walk in nature or coffee with a close friend.<br /> Jump into that juicy novel you have been dying to read.<br /> Snap some family photos and create a holiday letter to let everyone know what you have been up to. Your friends and family will be delighted to receive mail that isn't a bill.<br /> Invite some friends over and do a mini-facial, then get dolled up and go dancing.<br /> Use this time to declutter your home or closet. Ask yourself, “Does this item give me joy?” Put it in a box to give away if it doesn't.<br /> Make this a “Kids' Day” and go do something fun and festive with the kids, like ice skating.<br /> 10. Hit the slopes. Most resorts are open, so why not go skiing or snowboarding while everyone else is shopping. These have been some of my best days skiing.