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Title: Online Survey Software Pricing & Plans | SurveySparrow


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<i>SurveySparrow is an experience management platform that gives you the power to create and share highly engaging surveys and turn them into conversations. </i><p><br></p><p>There is always so much to learn from your customers. The insights you can get from existing customers are something you can't get anywhere else! And we all know that customer satisfaction and feedback are crucial to business growth! </p><p>But many of us are too afraid to ask our customers for feedback, or we're too busy in our daily routine that we forget. </p><p>Our experience shows that users are not always keen to schedule a call for giving feedback, so when we found SurveySparrow it was a no-brainer for us.</p><p>SurveySparrow's tool is an intuitive inline or chat widget that pops-up while browsing our platform. That's why we find it so special. It is easier to interact and engage with users in a chat-like experience. </p><p>SurveySparrow offers easy sharing options and allows you to embed your surveys on your website, social, and email, to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience and potential clients. </p><p><span style="font-weight: 700;">How do we use SurveySparrow? </span>From personal experience, we can say that it is an incredible tool. We've used other tools before, but this one is different. We use surveys to evaluate the product experience of our users. </p><p>The chat option is the perfect match for our needs as it is easy and fun for our audience to reply. </p><p>We all know how important customer feedback is for growing and scaling your business, no matter what business you're in. SurveySparrow is your perfect tool to be creative about where and how you can spark online conversations with your audience.</p>

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Refine Product Experiences, The Better Way An Omni-channel Experience Management Platform. Do more than just surveys.