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Title: Expand, transform and attain your full limitless potential | Dave Pamah Show


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Kirsten Beske is the Founder of AProPositive LLC and Kirsten Beske Coaching. As a Mindset and Transformation expert, she helps people interested in personal growth and advanced mindset concepts who want to keep stretching the boundaries of personal mastery for greater impact on the world. She teachesprofessionals and entrepreneurs how to break through invisible inner barriers to attain more clarity, impact, and ease in life and business. Kirsten is a Harvard educated, experienced psychotherapist and mindset coach, specializing in helping women master their own internal world to achieve success. A former litigation attorney, she pivoted mid-career to align with her higher purpose and skillset. With over a decade as a clinical psychotherapist and now mindset coach, she serves others to expand, transform and attain their full, limitless potential.