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Title: Kenninji | The Oldest Zen Temple Kenninji | KYOTO


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One of Grance Dore recommendations, for starting a travel in KYOTO, Japan

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Kenninji is a temple of the Zen sect, one of the main branches of<br /> Japanese Buddhism. Buddhism, founded approximately 2,500 years ago<br /> in India by Shakyamuni Buddha, teaches that the inherent suffering<br /> of life can be transcended through equanimity, wisdom, and compassion.<br /> The Zen sect, dating back to sixth-century China, seeks the realization<br /> of this ideal through a strict training system stressing work and meditation.<br /> At present, there are three branches of Zen in Japan - the Rinzai Soutou<br /> and Oubaku schools. Kenninji belongs to the Rinzai tradition. The temple<br /> was founded in 1202 by the priest Yousai (1141-1215).