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Title: 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard 4/102 Base Set Holo Rare | Etsy


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BUY 5+ TO RECEIVE A FREE BOOSTER PACK! HAND-MADE TO SCALE, using REAL pokemon cards as backs. This card is NOT HOLOGRAPHIC it is only printed to look as if the holographic pattern is shining in the light. Most importantly it is NOT genuine and is not meant to be portrayed as real - it is a REPLICA. Card will be shipped securely sleeved in an ultra pro toploader. Orders of 10+ of the same card will only come with sleeves. This item is a custom hand-made version of the real card. The intended audience is for those who don't want to blow $1,000s on the real cards, this is the next best thing or! Or even just for casual/non competitive play with friends! The item pictured is an actual photo of the card you will receive, not just a generic scan. The card is made with a real Pokémon card base, which has a very thin semi-gloss print stuck to it. I then trim the cards so they are perfectly centered and aligned. With the new semi-gloss these now feel just like a real pokemon card. These cards are recommended to be kept in the sleeve and top loaders at all times. Humidity or any moisture will cause the adhesive to separate.