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Title: Perfectionism and Courage –What Lies Between Them


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When you call someone a perfectionist, do you mean it as a compliment? Do you look at a co-worker or friend with a pinch of envy and think to yourself: "she's a perfectionist—no wonder she looks perfect and, at the same time, juggles all her tasks and manages her work life so well." Well, you may want to think again. Refusing to accept any standard short of perfection comes with the tendency to be orderly, detail-oriented, conscientious about following rules and doing what is right and "proper.” This often comes with a price tag, however, because the same person may be afraid of making mistakes and tries to compensate for her shortcomings by being over-controlling and inflexible about what she expects from herself as well as from others.

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When traveling down an entrepreneurial road, it is critical to understand the subtle difference between perfectionism and courage. I had always considered "perfectionism" a compliment, until I realized how much it was a stumbling block on my way to real progress, but changing my perception was no mean feat. The distinction between perfectionism and trying to be your best is so small that you can easily go through a lifetime without needing to confront it.<br /> Here are 5 reasons why courage might be a key factor in releasing us from the slippery mindset of perfectionism: