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Title: Embody Chair by Herman Miller


User's Notes:
Embody Chair by Herman Miller designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber At A Glance: The Embody Chair is the world's first health positive chair. Sitting in this baby will actually improve the health of your back and spine, make you more comfortable, and support every part of your body. Not bad for an office chair. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, this chair is the current gold standard in the ergonomic furniture world. What's To Like: The first thing you notice about this chair is how good it looks. It's not just great engineering and ergonomics, its great style. It has a narrowing back and up-curving "floating" armrests, all of which are beautiful, adjustable, and do your body good (in a manner of speaking). Speaking of adjustment, there is hardly an inch of this chair that can't be. This is a performance chair, and everything was designed with the individual in mind; it can be adjusted to fit you like a glove. It looks cool, if feels great, and it makes you healthier. What's Not to Like: We've done a lot of testing on this chair, and while every demographic loves it, it is designed for one who likes to work with a slight (or major) recline. While you can sit in an upright posture and still feel right at home, you get the most utility out of the Embody Chair when you're working in a reclined position. Just play with the Backfit Adjustment and Tilt Limiter and find the optimal setting for you. The Bottom Line: You can search for a more accomplished office chair, but you won't find one. And you'll probably get really bored, so don't do that. Just take our word that this is the absolute top of the line when it comes to ergonomic, high performance office chairs.