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Title: Great Affiliate Programs for Wellness Content Creators and Instagrammers


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There are a few ways for content creators in the health and wellness niche (Instagrammers, business owners, bloggers, and influencers) to make money online via their Instagram, blog, and other channels. <p>As a blogger you are probably familiar with affiliate marketing as it is very popular and voted one of the top two revenue generators for publishers – second only to ads.But if you are not blogging or have just started out, learning more about affiliate marketing is an important stage and will help you monetize your digital content. </p><p>Affiliate marketing is the process of referring readers to products, places, and services you recommend and receiving a commission if they sign up or make a purchase. </p><p>For example, items you share – like apps for meditation, stress management, allergies, calorie counting and others, weight loss plans, healthy diet, supplements and vitamins, green beauty products, yoga classes and products, and more – all will include a special affiliate tracking link.</p>