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Title: Ikigai |Evolving the Ikigai Diagram for Life Purpose | Sloww


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<p>Read more about the origin of the Ikigai by clicking the bottom below, but in summary, it is about:</p>1. The feeling/spiritual meaning that life is worth living (being): Universal human experience, humans as spiritual beings, the joy of living, the happiness and benefit of being alive, feeling that life is valuable/worth living <p><br><p>2. The object/source of value in one’s life that is worth living for (doing): Things that make one’s life worthwhile, something to live for, cultivating one’s inner potential, allowing the self’s possibilities to blossom, one’s work or family or dream, the realization of what one expects and hopes forI believe the most powerful </p><p>ikigai aligns both of these: </p><p><b><span style="color:rgb(255,0,0);">Ikigai Dual Meaning = Life is worth living (being) and worth living for (doing).</span></b></p></p>