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Title: Visualization & Vision | Erin Condren


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Once we have a strong vision of what we want to accomplish, one of the strongest tools for achieving our goals is using visualization and affirmations.<p><br></p><p><b>Visualization</b> is about imagining our future in a vivid and detailed form. Where will we be one year from now? How will it look like? How will it feel like? Just imagine yourself as if it has all already happened.</p><p><b>Affirmations</b> are strong sentences that you relate to and describe strong beliefs and words of encouragement.</p><p>Here are a few:</p><p><ul><li>I'm pure possibility</li><li>There is no gap, I'm already there</li><li>I can do less and be more successful</li></ul></p><p><b>Mantras</b> are a few words that are used for motivating yourself. I found mantras to be very efficient as they are easy to remember and can be changed as you make progress.<br></p><p> </p><p><br></p>

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Turn your vision into victory with this motivational metallic quote cover.<br /> <br /> Journaling can help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, even improve your mood. This new customizable Vision Journal Notebook features prompted vision spreads, lined pages, dot grid pages, sketchbook pages and more. Hand-coiled and made with premium-quality 80# paper, it's your new go-to notebook for developing emotional self-care, mindfulness & creativity, anytime, anywhere. Also great for gifting and memory keeping.