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Like, you are going to want to paint the world with this chipotle tahini sauce, but might we recommend putting that brush down and grabbing a soft-boiled egg, some crispy veg (use what you got, but sweet potato and kale are YUM), and buttery avocado and throwing all that on top of some grains in a bowl? Dump your paint bucket on top accordingly.<p>Blend up for the Chipotle Tahini:⠀ </p><p><ol><li>1/2 cup olive oil⠀ </li><li>1/4 cup water⠀ </li><li>1/4 cup tahini⠀ </li><li>1–2 chipotles in adobo sauce ⠀ </li><li>1 small clove of garlic ⠀</li><li>juice of 1 orange (about 1/4 cup)⠀ </li><li>1/2 teaspoon salt⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀</li></ol>Serve in bowls with cooked quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, kale, avocado, or soft boiled eggs! Honestly, this sauce goes with anything you can get your hands on.<br></p>