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Rating: 4 Stars

Category: Spa

Title: Fah Lanna Spa & Massage | Chiang Mai | Thailand


User's Notes:
There was nothing about the visit to the Fah Lanna Spa that left an impression. No warm welcome, no great treatment, no attention, and no relaxing atmosphere. It may have used to be good, or we simply had bad luck with the therapists. The Thai massage we had in one of the small and local places next to our hotel was ten times better for a third of the price. Don't fall for the fancy design, it isn't necessarily an indication for quality.

User Selected Text:
We are children of the North, the former kingdom of Lanna. We appreciate our arts and culture and love nature: our rice paddies and the mountains. We enjoy seeing people happy, their faces adorned with beautiful smiles. All this contributed to something that we built with love. It is called Fah Lanna Spa. Fah Lanna is owned and managed by a group of friends who love what they do and have a passion for their local culture and arts. We enjoy providing a high level of customer service at affordable prices to make it possible for anyone to enjoy the century old Thai massage and other body treatments.