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Category: Fragrance

Title: Love Scent Pheromone Oils 


User's Notes:
The<b> Love Scent Pheromone Oils </b>are currently available in ten fragrances:<b>Woodland</b> – a subtly spicy, faintly smoky blend of woody fragrances<b>Citrus</b> – a sweet, tangy citrus fragrance with a subtle floral hint<b>Musk</b> – a sweet, fresh Egyptian musk<b>Smoky Amber</b> – amber, a cologne ingredient dating back to antiquity, blended with smoky notes<b>Honeysuckle</b> – the sweet scent of honeysuckle flowers <b>Amber Oudh</b> – the scent of two ancient cologne ingredients, amber, and agarwood, blended for a timeless fragrance<b>Sweet Cream</b> – rich, sweet notes of vanilla and fresh cream<b>Jasmine</b> – the alluring, classic scent of fresh jasmine flowers<b>Floral Garden</b> – floral notes, including bright and youthful sweet pea<b>Sandalwood</b> – a beloved fragrance found in perfumes, colognes, and incense all over the world