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Title: Flight of the Gibon | Zipline | Chiang Mai


User's Notes:
This activity is indeed amazing. It is very well managed, everything ticks like a clock: the pick up from the hotel in Chang Mai, arrival process, equipment fitting, quick explanation on "how to" and off you go. We had a group of three instructors, super friendly, very confident and well trained. They know their work and made everyone, even the nervous members or our small daughter forget about the heights, try to relax and enjoy. If you can overcome your fears and calm down it is a wonderful experience.

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Flight of the Gibbon uniquely brings you into contact with rare wildlife. Among the towering trees of an old growth forest a family of primates marks their territory in song. They’ve got company. Listen again. Whoooo. A soft cry echoes across the ravine. That’s not a gibbon; it’s an exhilarated tourist trying to hold in the excitement about what surprise nature might present on the next station!