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Title: Pet Bowl by VitaJuwel (Multiple Shades) – Safe & Chic


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PERIDOT • NEPHRITE JADE • BROWN AGATE • CLEAR QUARTZ • MANGANO CALCITE<br /> The magic of gem-water has now been tailor made for our furry family members! We know our own hydration is important. When it comes to our pets, it’s equally important that they hydrate regularly to support kidney and liver health.<br /> To develop this special blend VitaJuwel put together a team in Germany with expertise in veterinary medicine, naturopathic traditions, and crystal healing. The result is a gem blend that improves the quality of the water we provide our precious cats and dogs.<br />  Size: 8.5” x 8.5” x 4.5”<br />  <br /> Traditional Naturopathic Uses:<br /> PERIDOT • Balance<br /> NEPHRITE JADE • Vitality<br /> BROWN AGATE • Strength<br /> CLEAR QUARTZ • Awareness<br /> MANGANO CALCITE • Social Behavior