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Title: Mobal | Order a Tourist SIM for Japan Travel


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This was one of the best advice we got from friends who visited Japan before us. Having a local sim was a life saver as Google maps is very efficient in Japan, including for planning transportation and wondering around.

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Whether you are visiting Japan for the very first time or the one hundredth time, you are in for a treat! Japan’s diverse landscape and culture is an assault on the senses and will have you reaching for your cell phone to record your exciting adventures…<br /> <br /> Introducing the Japan Tourist SIM…<br /> The new Japan Tourist SIM lets you navigate Japan’s busy streets, master the transport system, find the best sushi restaurants and bars, and translate menus like a pro! Plus, having data at your fingertips means that you can keep everyone at home fully up to date with your adventures on social media – sharing, posting and tweeting about just how amazing Japan is!