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Atomic Beauty introduces the power of fulvic acid to the DOPE Naturally Ingestible beauty and wellness family. <br /> Benefits<br /> Rich in essential ionic minerals Improves gut health with powerful prebiotics and probiotics Boosts digestion and absorption of nutrients Improves energy level and performance Speeds up recovery from workouts, stress, life Promotes toned and youthful skin Great source of protein<br /> Why Fulvic Acid?<br /> Fulvic acid, a compound found in soil, is rich in essential minerals and ionic trace minerals that your body requires for healthy functioning.<br /> Naturally rich in electrolytes, fulvic acid keeps your body hydrated and promotes faster muscle regeneration and cell recovery. Its ionic trace minerals increase absorption of nutrients and assist with detoxification, while the presence of probiotic and prebiotics keep your gut healthy. The result of all this goodness is the beauty benefit of toned and youthful skin and healthy hair.<br /> Atomic Beauty combines the power of four unique ingredients in their purest form. Powerful fulvic acid is supported by protein and amino acid rich watermelon seed powder, a perfect plant-based protein for healthy functioning muscles. Watermelon seed powder is naturally rich in arginine and lysine, amino acids that promote collagen formation and improve metabolism, maintain toned skin, and a youthful and vibrant appearance.<br /> Sunflower seed powder, rich in magnesium, is a perfect mood enhancer. It is also a significant source of plant based protein, and is naturally high in vitamin E to fight free radicals, and contains essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants.<br /> Coconut milk powder delivers plenty of beauty and wellness benefits. Coconut milk powder increases stamina and promotes faster muscle recovery by supplying more oxygen to muscles and tissues. It supports a natural glow and you cannot beat the taste of the tropics!<br /> Clean, pure with a hint of coconut. USDA organic | vegan | paleo | gluten-free | Size: 14.8oz No added sugar. No added flavors. Free of soy, pea, hemp & rice protein.<br /> Ingredients<br /> Organic watermelon seed powder Organic sunflower seed powder Fulvic acid powder Organic coconut milk powder