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Title: Crystal Amethyst Collection – Safe & Chic 


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A beautiful crystal, lilac to deep violet in color, excellent for helping induce calm and promoting a restful night’s sleep. Historically, amethyst was worn by royalty and nobility to signify power, and adorned crowns, rings, and scepters. This high-energy crystal creates an energetic “shield” to protect you from negative influences.<br /> Includes: Four exquisite, high quality amethyst crystals in a black organza bag.<br /> *Due to the nature of semi-precious crystals, please expect some variation with the size and colour.<br /> Please Note: over time, amethyst will fade in direct sunlight.<br /> Charged: All crystals sold by Crystal Hills have been cleansed and charged with a tuning fork (4096) by a certified Reiki practitioner. We source our crystals from mines with sound ethical and environmental practices.<br /> These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified health practitioner before using, especially if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant, breast feeding, or currently taking medications.