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Instant Lifting Eye Contour is designed for your delicate and tired eyes as well as addressing stressed skin, dark circles, puffiness and dehydrated skin.<br /> 6 in1 Instant Lifting Eye Contour:  Age defying / Fills / Lifts / Firms / Replenishes / Revives ~ Reveal your inner light<br /> <br /> Contains the most powerful antioxidant discovered to date! Stronger than vitamin C, Beta-carotene, green tea, coenzyme Q10.<br /> Quickly and visibly reduces the look of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.<br /> Slows down cellular aging<br /> Rejuvenates the eye area by 6 Years within 4 weeks.<br /> Improves stress resistance.<br /> <br /> Key ingredients:<br /> Olive Leaf Extract with Oleuropein is a unique property that helps to strengthen the proteasome. It improves the natural reprocessing procedure in the skin's cells. This activity helps to reduce the number of damage proteins in the skin.<br /> Jujube Extract strengthens the skin's anti-oxidative defense system, protects against Cellular protein decline and ensures a burst of freshness. It is rich in vitamins A, B2 and C plus the minerals, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and copper.<br /> Levan is both a restorative agent and moisturizer. It penetrates deeply into the epidermis and nourishes the skin at the targeted cell level.<br /> <br /> Provides skin with rich, vitamins K-C-E-A-F-D-B complex, minerals, omega3-6-9 fatty acids to nourish, replenish ,rejuvenate,and rebalance your skin to give a more radiant glow<br /> Helps the delicate skin around your eyes to instantly appear brighter, smoother and more radiant<br /> Lifts, firms and helps define the eye area for a younger, brighter look<br /> Helps significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet, dryness and uneven texture<br /> Helps support the skin's natural, collagen and reveals a more lifted look<br /> <br /> Scientifically proven effects for eye contour appearance.<br /> <br /> Activates the Proteasome (in-vitro study)<br /> Improves stress resistance (in-vitro study)<br /> Slows down cellular skin aging (in-vitro study)<br /> Improves skin hydration, skin roughness and skin cell renewal (in-vivo study)<br /> Rejuvenates the eye area by 6 years within 4 weeks (in-vivo study)<br /> Perceivably counteracts the signs of ageing (controlled user test)