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Title: Sandalwood 5ml


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Sandalwood is an evergreen, parasitic tree that burrows its roots into other trees and it can grow up to 9 meters (30 feet) high and has a brown-gray trunk, many smooth slender branches, leathery leaves and small pink-purple flowers. It can take thirty to sixty years for a tree to reach full maturity. That is when it can be harvested and distilled. The harvest is strictly controlled and the wood is usually sold at government auctions which makes its very expensive. Its color is colorless to pale yellow clear thick liquid.<br /> Sandalwood Essential Oil is believed to create an exotic, sensual mood with a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood Essential Oil is mainly used in perfumery, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil is considered to have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to be used to help combat bronchitis, chapped and dry skin, mood disturbances, laryngitis, leucorrhea, stress and stretch marks. It is said to have antimicrobial properties which makes it effective in treating skin conditions such as acne, oily skin and eczema. <br /> In an aromatherapy diffuser, sandalwood oil can be used for its strong aphrodisiac effect, to help clear bronchitis, coughs, chest infections, asthma, insomnia, irritability, nervous tension, stress, tension, depression, for relaxing and as an insect repellent. Due to its properties, sandalwood is also know to reduce the symptoms of autism.