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Title: Geranium


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Geranium is a hairy perennial shrub, often used in hedgerows, and stands up to about one meter high (3 feet) with pointed leaves, serrated at the edges and has pinkish-white flowers.<br /> Long used for its balancing and uplifting properties; it appears to assist in normalizing hormonal levels and act as a mild stimulant. Not only is it calming and relaxing making it a wonderful addition to all manner of skin care products, baths and diffuser blends, but its astringent, anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties make it effective and beneficial for a range of skin conditions and complexions.<br /> Geranium can also be used to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of inner peace. The strong smell of this oil is particularly good to ward off mosquitoes and head lice.<br /> In an aromatherapy diffuser geranium oil can be used to help relieve stress, normalize hormones, ease mild depression, PMS, anxiety, tension, menopausal problems and for general energizing.