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Title: 100% Pure


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Susie Wang is Founder and Chief creative. James Wang is Founder and C.O.O. Ric Kostik is Founder and C.E.O. They use a process they invented themselves to extract the pigments from fruits, vegetables, teas and other plant pigments. All products are healthy, natural, cruelty free. All products go through a purity step system. 1) Purity 2) Ingredient Synergy 3) Potency 4) Sensitivity Part 1) Irritability on the skin 5) Sensitivity Part 2) Formula clogs pores 6) Synergy Part 1) Packaging non toxic, formula, grades for packaging.

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100% Pure Cosmetics,<br /> Is a company that produces cosmetics, face wash, creams, shampoos and conditioners with no fillers or any synthetic products.<br /> All products are naturally dyed by vibrant fruit, vegetable's, tea's and other plant pigments. The plant pigments contain beneficial vitamin's, anti-aging antioxidants and are nourishing to the skin.