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Title: Fitness On The Go For New Moms | Joyful Messes Blog


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Katie from Joyful Messes blog has put together great recommendations in her Fitness On The Go For New Moms story (4). We LOVE her new favorite fitness subscription box, because you get a new outfit and item each month! This item is not linked to any affiliate links nor are some of the other recommendations in her story. That’s what’s great about VENNDY’s carousels – they don’t have to include shoppable items. Here are some more advantages of VENNDY’s carousels: 1. They can include shoppable items using different affiliate marketing programs (such as Amazon and ShareASale or direct affiliations). 2. They can include articles with advice on daily workout programs or tips to keep you motivated which have nothing to do with affiliate marketing. 3. They can include shoppable items related to the subject being discussed, such as the water bottle, nutrition bars, and thos resistance loop exercise bands that you have always wanted but never found the time to investigate. 4. They can include your own earlier blog posts. 5. They can include items uploaded by other users with their own genuine reviews. 6. They categorize everything into a marketplace of reviews that can be easily found by potential customers, who will then find your blog through your practical, valuable, easy-to-find recommendations.

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These are the fitness essentials to help keep you fit while on the go with baby!