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Title: Delicious Protein Powders Perfect For Breastfeeding Moms - Joyful Messes


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Fitmiss Delight: I’m in love with this one, especially for breastfeeding because everything is completely natural, it’s high in protein AND there some great vitamin Bs in there. Those are superb for tired mamas. It has a fruits and vegetable blend to really help you get those vitamins in, and there are digestive enzymes to help you digest your food. Enzymes are so important because if your food isn’t digested properly, you won’t absorb the nutrition. They also help if you have any type of IBS. I have personally dealt with IBS, and I will have a post up soon on the digestive enzymes and supplements that literally have cured my IBS. The flavor I like is Chocolate because I can do some great banana chocolate smoothies where I sneak in spinach, or chocolate frappucinos.<br />