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Title: The Reasons to Start Running |The Road to My Avennyou


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You,<br /> like me, are probably fully aware of the importance and advantages of a daily workout<br /> routine. We all hear from friends and acquaintances how much better their life is<br /> since they took this path. You can find dozens of articles summarizing the<br /> importance and improvements and throngs of bloggers writing about why it is so<br /> great to run. Here is one beautiful example—a short summary of 50 reasons to<br /> run.<br /> <br /> By<br /> the time you get into this routine, you need no more convincing. You know, feel<br /> and react to it by yourself. But the hard part is getting to that stage. I can<br /> only share my experience which may help you to find the impetus to make the<br /> change and just start: