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Category: Spa

Title: The Best Body & Foot Massages in Atlanta - Treat Your Feet Buckhead


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This place is THE BEST! You can do a private room or "group" rooms - we did a group room but will for sure do private next time. The prices are unbeatable and it's so relaxing!

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Looking for a holistic way to treat your ailments? Want a nice quiet place to relax and get pampered? Brainstorming for something romantic to do on your date in Atlanta? Then you’ve made the right choice in visiting our website!<br /> <br /> Our experienced massage therapists are ready to give you relief in one of our many private body massage rooms. If you are on a romantic date, we can pamper both of you in one of our couples massage rooms upstairs.<br /> <br /> Our body massage rooms are dimly lit and have walls that are soundproof. We have top-notch massage tables and our sheets are always replaced with clean ones for EVERY customer.