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Title: Chiva-Som Health Resort | Destination Spa in Hua Hin Thailand


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I haven't visited this place, but got a recommendation from one of the guests in Ananda in India. Will be happy to hear from the VENNDY community about their experience. By using VENNDY it will be easier to evaluate how similar we are in our taste and preferences.

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We offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a full range of health and wellness treatments and provide long-lasting inspiration to help you continue with new, positive changes as part of your lifestyle.<br /> The focus of our health and wellness programmes is firmly on balancing as well as rejuvenating the Mind, Body and Spirit. We are dedicated in working toward your total life enrichment through the introduction of new experiences and the restoration of balance.<br /> Our health and wellness programmes are designed to meet each guest’s specific requirements.