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Title: Victoria's Secret Gold Mask |Marie Claire | Mimi Luzon 24 Karat Face Mask Review<br>


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Ain't no glow like an Angel glow. Having gone backstage at the 2016 Victoria's Secret show in Paris last month and seen said glows sans makeup, I can personally vouch for this. While yes, genetics are always in an Angel's favor, there was a new secret weapon behind many of their flawless visages this year: Celebrity skincare expert Mimi Luzon's 24 K Pure Gold Leaf Mask.<br /> <br /> The most unapologetically-luxe, selfie-worthy mask in the game, I had to get my hands on it—eye-watering $300 price tag be damned! 'Tis the season to slay sleigh, I reasoned. So here's how it all went down: