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Category: Living Well

Title: Stronghold Cats Upto 7.5 Kg 45 Mg


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<p align="left"><b>1. Broad Spectrum Parasiticide:</b> Stronghold is effective against a wide range of parasites in cats. </p><p align="left"><b>2. Flea Control:</b> It kills and eliminates flea infestations comprehensively, targeting not only adult fleas but also their eggs and larvae. </p><p align="left"><b>3. Roundworm and Hookworm Elimination:</b> Stronghold effectively eradicates adult roundworms and hookworms in cats. </p><p align="left"><b>4. Heartworm Prevention: </b>It acts as a potent heartworm preventive by targeting and killing the immature forms of Dirofilaria immitis circulating in the cat's bloodstream. </p><p align="left"><b>5. Ear Mite and Biting Lice Treatment:</b> Stronghold provides relief from ear mite and biting lice infestations in cats. </p><p align="left"><br></p>