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Rating: 5 Stars

Category: Hotels

Title: Akyra Manor Chiang Mai | Thailand


User's Notes:
This is a boutique hotel in terms of size. It is small, very well designed and managed. The hotel's Italic restaurant is located at main entrance and welcomes you upon arrival, as there is no lobby. The room's floor plan is beautifully arranged, and so, although not very big, you still get a luxurious set up created by the large bathroom and the see through glasses that connect the sleeping area, outdoor bathtub and bathroom. Bed and linen, which are important to me, are superb. The pool on the roof is small but really really adorable! Very kids friendly and we loved spending time there as a family. The best thing about this hotel is the staff. Unbelievably friendly and helpful and were attentive to facilitating all excursions arrangements. POR was especially outstanding. The hotel is located in a nice neighborhood, full of coffee shops and bars. Not sure about the location, it depends on what you are looking for I guess. The only criticism I have is about the food. Although very generous with big portions for breakfast, I found it a bit distasteful. I wasn't sure about how to rate the hotel but decided to rate it 5 because we really had a great experience and felt very welcomed. It was genuinely a great vacation.

User Selected Text:
Welcome to akyra Manor Chiang Mai: a five-star, intimate and exclusive all-suite luxury hotel, each suite created around a courtyard-within-a-room concept. It's the hip downtown hotel Chiang Mai never had.