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Title: 25 daily habits that will make you smarter


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Want to expand your mind? A little bit of effort every day goes a long way.<br /> 1. Come up with 10 ideas every day.<br /> 2. Read the newspaper.<br /> 3. Play devil's advocate.<br /> 4. Read a chapter in a fiction or nonfiction book.<br /> 5. Instead of watching TV, watch educational videos.<br /> 6. Subscribe to feeds of interesting information. <br /> 7. Check in with your favorite knowledge sources.<br /> 8. Share what you learn with other people.<br /> 9. Make two "To Do" lists: one of work-related skills you want to learn now, and another of things you want to achieve in the future.<br /> 10. Write an "I Did" list.<br /> 11. Start a "Stop Doing" list.<br /> 12. Write down what you learn.<br /> 13. Stimulate your mind.