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Category: Other Décor

Title: Sheex® Bed Bath and


User's Notes:
It can be found online at Bed Bath and Beyond. Reviews are mixed. Some very good and some quite bad. I wonder who should I rely on, who shares the same preferences as I do. If I could only have some guiding tool for evaluation, know a little better who is it behind the review. If I could only know if it is someone I trusted before based on another recommendation. That could have helped make a decision.

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I want to start by saying, these are the best set of sheets that I have ever slept on. You will never get to hot or cold sleeping between these sheets, I hesitated at first about spending this much money on a set of sheets, however I purchased a set for every queen and king bed in my home in October 2012. I wish them and put them right back in the bed. They are worth every penny spent because you cannot wear them out! The fitted sheet goes on and actually stays in place until you take them off to laundry! I have bought these for wedding and Christmas gifts as well. I can't wait to get under my sheets at night! Just try them!