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Rating: 4 Stars

Category: Fragrance

Title: Marc Jacobs Fragrance Mod Noir How does this differ from the original Marc Jacobs perfume?


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Great product!

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I was lucky enough to receive this as a part of VIB Rouge. This has a wonderful, fresh floral scent. It is not watery or green at all, just straight floral with emphasis on Gardenias. I am not a big floral person, however I found this quite nice because it is not heavy-handed or headache inducing. I ended up gifting to a friend who loves anything floral and I have to say it smells very nice and refreshing in the summer heat whenever I go to hug her! This is a perfume that reminds me of hugging my mom and how good she smelled. The only downside is that the staying power is not strong (probably because it is a lighter EDT) so I found myself reapplying every 4 hours or so.