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Title: Le Temps Viendra: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - An Excerpt - The Tudor Travel Guide


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Hear Anne Boleyns thoughts in an excerpt from 'Le Temps Viendra'

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From the window of the queen’s privy chamber in the Tower, I watched the slightly stooped figure of Sir William Kingston walk as quickly as his ageing bones would allow, down from Cold Harbour Gate and toward the entrance to the great hall. He paused briefly to speak to a man I did not recognise. I could just make them out behind the leaves and branches of the flowering cherry tree, which cast its magnificent, blossom-laden bower across a part of the Tower’s inner ward.<br /> <br /> As they chatted, sharing words I could not hear, I recalled how Master Kingston had been one of the few men who had treated me with kindness when I was first thrown into my prison. He had spoken gently to me and assured me that I would not be cast into a dungeon as I had feared. Instead, the constable informed me that I was to be lodged within the royal apartments that had been built specifically for Anne three years earlier. I have become exceptionally grateful for such small acts of kindness, and for Master Kingston’s unshakeable humanity and determination to treat me with every courtesy.<br /> <br />