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Title: Shopping for: Sneakers | Olivia Palermo


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aren’t just for working out anymore and designers are leading the charge. Everyone from skiing favorite Moncler and studded genius Valentino to the always cool Buscemi and uber chic Lanvin are taking their turn at creating their own version of the classic silhouette that reflects their fabulous aesthetic. But it isn’t just the well-known brands making a statement. There are great smaller brands utilizing fun features like iridescent leather and add-ons like stickers and even faux fur attachments to allow you to stand out as little or as much as you want. And even though the largest sneaker brands and their general inventory may seem like a thing of the past, thanks to customization capabilities and new high-tech fabrications, companies like New Balance, Nike and Adidas are reinventing their own wheels finding both the high-fashion consumer as well as the athlete to please.  So we’ve pulled a few of our favorites for you to shop in the slideshow above which we hope displays the copious variety available and hopefully inspires you to show off your favorite pair courtesy of your personal style. Happy shopping!