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Title: Moon Juice | Spirit Dust, 62g | NET-A-PORTER.COM


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Apparently this magical dust is packed with organic and wild-crafted ingredients to boost creativity, awareness, and peace of mind. All things I need a bit of help with.

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A highly concentrated combination of organic adaptogens - substances that stabilize the body's natural physiological processes and diminish cellular sensitivity to stress - Moon Juice's medical-grade 'Spirit Dust' improves awareness, boosts creativity, lifts your mood and promotes peace of mind. Add it to any hot or cold drink and don't be afraid to double dose.<br /> <br /> - Wildcrafted ingredients include Goji, Reishi, Longan, Astragalus, Salvia and Stevia - Vegan and gluten-free, low-glycemic - Makes approximately 25 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency - Also available in: Sex Dust, Brain Dust, Beauty Dust, Goodnight Dust