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Within minutes of starting Nathan Harris’ debut novel, you know you’re in the hands of a master storyteller. It’s the end of the Civil War, and everyone in the fictional town of Old Ox, Georgia, is battle-weary. Formerly enslaved brothers Prentiss and Landry are technically free, but have no knowledge of life outside their confines. A chance meeting with bereaved landowner George Walker—who hires the brothers to help set up his new peanut farm—sets off a cataclysmic chain of events. With vivid historical detail and an ear for 19th-century dialogue, Harris’ story feels deeply rooted in its time and place, but the complex relationships between his characters—like George’s frayed bond with his increasingly independent wife, Isabelle, or the secret connection between a pair of returned Confederate soldiers—have a distinctly modern feeling. Actor William DeMeritt’s reading captures the immersive quality of Harris’ novel, with all its flawed humanity, heartbreak, and hope.